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Our Creed

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All members of the Guild are asked to abide by a Code of Conduct when they join. We ask that members stand by this Oath and be reminded of it's guiding nature as it unifies us on the path to positive change and as the guardians of religious music:



The Guild Creed:

We swear to be truthful and respectful in all we say,
We will be supportive of all our Fellows and Members, 
We will treat all as equals and respect each others individuality,
We will be confidential with people's personal information,
We will share and pass down our knowledge and skills to the next generation,
We will uphold the institutions of Musicianship and Choristership and endeavour to remain true to their traditions and teachings,
We shall believe in our hearts that which we sing with our lips,
And in doing so we will remember the following;
Pro utilitate fide -
For the good of the faith,
Pro aequalitatem omnium -
For the equality of all.

Our Safeguarding:

The Guild of Gay Religious Musicians is committed to ensuring that a safe and supportive environment exists for all our Members. The Guild recognises that there are a number of circumstances in which people and adults at risk may have contact with our Guild Officers and have ensured that there is a confidential system in place to support our members if needed. 

If you would like to discuss a Safeguarding issue, please email our Safeguarding Officer on:

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